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Industrial Lighting | Signal, Spot and Search Lights

We stock the Worlds largest quantities of reclaimed industrial & ships lights, salvaged from Ship-Breakers & Colonial buildings around the Globe over the last 30 years. We buy whole contents of ships, from the huge Suez Canal searchlights from Super-Tankers right through to classic lighting & fixtures from the Ballrooms of mid-century Ocean Liners.




£390.00 £325.00 ex vat

Royal Navy Fittings and Artefacts

Original Reclaimed Royal Navy Ships Search Light

£720.00 £600.00 ex vat
£1,200.00 £1,000.00 ex vat
£780.00 £650.00 ex vat
£420.00 £350.00 ex vat
£840.00 £700.00 ex vat
£330.00 £275.00 ex vat
£840.00 £700.00 ex vat