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Siebe Gorman Double Acting Diving Pump – 9697

A double cylinder double acting pump from Bill Semmens collection

We recently were invited to purchase the private collection of the late Bill Semmens

A well known local diving enthusiast who used to dive with the Historical Diving Society

Over the years Bill had collected a small but very refined excellent collection of which he dived with the HDS

Amongst the collection were pumps, helmets, boots and suits

About the pump

Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd is stamped into the centre con-rod bearing, and each bearing is numbered each cylinder and all parts are also well numbered

The serial number 9697 is stamped into the brass reinforcing bar and the interior lid

Mahogany cased with brass edgings, covered Siebe Gorman gauges

Matching cylinder numbers

Siebe Gorman stamped 6 spoke fly wheels with sheathed iron handles

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