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A brass cut of from the wardroom bar of the destroyer / fast frigate HMS Rocket 1942-1967. HMS Rocket (H92) was an R-class destroyer of the Royal Navy that saw service during Second World War. Built by Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Greenock, Scotland, she was launched in October 1942 and commissioned in August 1943. Rocket encountered German torpedo boats in the English Channel in October 1943, an action in which HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne were lost. The latter was sunk by Rocket after she became disabled, to avoid her falling into enemy hands. Arriving in the Indian Ocean in January 1944, Rocket participated in the shelling of Sabang (25 July 1944) and of the Andaman Islands (February and March 1945). After the war, Rocket was converted into a Type 15 fast anti-submarine frigate, with the new pennant number F191. She was finally scrapped at Dalmuir in March 1967.

28in length x 17in height


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