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Campbell Stokes Ships Sunshine Recorder – Casella London

A rare ships scientific instrument designed for recording the hours of bright sunshine which will burn a hole through the sphere into a card placed in the metal curve behind.

This was invented by John Francis Campbell in 1853 and modified in 1879 by Sir George Gabriel Stokes. The original design by Campbell consisted of a glass sphere set into a wooden bowl with the sun burning a trace on the bowl. Stokes’s refinement was to make the housing out of metal and to have a card holder set behind the sphere.

This rare find is made by Casella London, makers of instruments for the Admiralty since the 19th century.

The recorder has a makers plate and the serial number of 10433.

The heavy brass and metal mount holds the 4 inch solid glass sphere into place. The curved back bracket is grooved to hold the recording charts in place.

We do not have any recording charts , although I have found them available on the internet. The charts are different for the Summer, Winter and Equinoctial hours of sunshine.


7in 18cm Deepest

9.5in 24cm Height

8in 20cm Widest

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