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A showcase detailed model of JP Morgans yacht – Corsair IV

In 1927 JP Morgan built his latest yacht , the Corsair IV, which would be constructed at the Maine Shipyards. She cost US$2.5 million, being the equivalent of around 60 million plus in today’s terms. This new ship would be the Morgan’s largest yacht ever, but also the largest yacht to have been built in the US

The Morgan’s had a love for the traditional yachts and even a touch of the pirate look in the designs. This was obvious in the Corsair IV, as she was a long, sleek looking, dark and heavy below, with a stylised superstructure that was lighter and to be envied!

When she was ready for launching in 1930, Jack Morgan Junior hired three private railway cars which were filled with family and friends, and transported them all the Bath Iron Works Maine shipyards for the grand occasion. The launching was a great event and was covered by all the media of the day, considering the Great Depression had already begun

Glazed case, with stand

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