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Complete Set of Victorian Imperial County Measures by Avery

A very rare full set , in two boxes , of Imperial county conical shaped measures

Superb set of complete measures that have been in their original boxes for a long time

Dated 1892 , and set serial number of 2307

Each measure is engraved with its Imperial weight, Administrative County of Herts , the date and serial number

The set of 10 measures range from 4 Gallons to Quarter Gill

In 1824, the various different gallons in use in the British Empire were replaced by the Imperial gallon, a unit close in volume to the ale gallon

Dimensions :

Large box of 9 measures 

103cm 40.5in length x 36cm 14in depth x 39cm 15.25in height

Single box of 4 Gallon measure

48cm 19in width x 49cm 19.25in x 44cm 17.25 height

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