£5,760.00 (inc. VAT)

Castellated top early Siebe Gorman 12 Bolt

No brailles

Serial number 6581

Very characterful in used condition , nice looking helmet

Increasingly harder to find, these never stay with us too long, another great collectors helmet

After major London auctions our ‘market value’ selection of historic diving equipment look very good value. Old diving kit is better than money in the bank, that’s for sure

A super divers hard hat by renowned and collectable maker Siebe Gorman & Co

Approximate weight 24kg

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TAX Exemption

We kindly remind customers who live outside of Europe or Non EU Countries that they do not have to pay the 20% Vat and therefore you should ignore the higher price, if in any doubt as to whether you qualify for this please check against our list of countries that do have to pay the Vat.

Of course, tax registered companies can purchase this diving equipment and be provided with a suitable invoice so that they can claim it back. If in any doubt please contact us so we can help you understand these conditions.



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