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Ex MV Sea Fortune Aluminium Fixed Porthole – 14in Glass

These portholes still retain all the character and charm that is expected of original marine fittings

Perfect for use, display, retail & home design

For over thirty years we have been the Worlds largest salvagers & restorers of ships portholes, working directly with ship-owners all around the globe. Whilst we retain huge stocks of old brass portholes & windows that we salvaged from old ocean liners and warships in the ‘good old days’, more recently we have specialised in these very impressive and practical aluminium portholes that we find on the mighty super-tankers and cargo-ships. Being both beautiful and highly practical we’ve placed them into a huge variety of projects, from the inevitable houseboats & vessels right through to high-end restaurants and much-loved ‘amazing spaces’

Originally the portholes have heavy anodising on them to protect them from salt-water but we have stripped this off and highly polished them to a chrome look. Onboard a ship these face and open inwards and if you are doing the same they will not need any protection or occasional polishing but if you are having them facing outwards, ‘in the elements’, then the naked aluminium will need a light re-polish a couple of times a year in order to retain this chrome-like shiny appearance. The need to do this can be further reduced with the application of a lacquer that protects aluminium, the same stuff motor bikers use to protect their parts

Customers notice that fixings are easy to find and due to the variety of nuts and bolts that can be used; dome, hexagonal, allen key nuts etc., as well as the individual way in which our customers approach installation we do not, as yet, stock the fixings but please contact up if you would like any help or advice on where and how to go about getting them

All of our portholes have marine grade toughened glass installed, strong enough to jump and down on, and if it was to break it shatters into small pieces not shards the same as car glass does. We have hand-picked portholes selecting those with the least scratches & blemishes

Spigot is the name for the ‘collar’ that protrudes from the back of the porthole that lines the inside of the hole thats been cut. As these portholes were used on steel hulled vessels and the spigot only has to line the thickness of the steel plate this lip is not very long at around 15-20mm.
Those portholes that were installed close to the waterline on a ship have a semi-circle of extra long spigot (35mm) orientated at the top of the porthole which prevents sea-spray running down the hull and in through an open porthole. Some customers appreciate this feature which is why we stock both varieties

Dimensions :

Overall Diameter 50cm

Glass Size 35cm

Spigot 1.5cm depth 33.5cm diameter

5.6 kg Weight

No 3

We always recommend you do not cut the hole before receiving the porthole, as with all original reclaimed fittings slight variations can occur

We ship all over the Globe , if you would like a shipping quote , please contact us with your delivery address


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