Forward End Submarine Helm – ex HMS Suberb 1976

HMS Superb was a Royal Navy nuclear-powered fleet submarine of the Swiftsure class

She was built by Vickers Shipbuilding Group

HMS Superb was commissioned on 13 November 1976

Decommissioned in 2008

Dimensions :

33in 84cm longest point x 15in 38cm widest point

5kg weight

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Some Operational History :

HMS Suberb was the first British submarine to visit the Arctic Ocean and sail under the polar ice caps

During the Falklands War, HMS Superb was spotted sailing from Gibraltar, which prompted press speculation that she was sailing to the South Atlantic to enforce a maritime exclusion zone. In fact, only Spartan was sailing south at that time but the speculation was useful to promote the apparent threat of the Royal Navy in the South Atlantic and was not corrected by the Navy or Ministry of Defence.

HMS Superb operated in the Indian Ocean in 2001, in support of Operation Veritas, part of the War in Afghanistan

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