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Operation Torch 

An historically interesting white ensign, believed to be the first allied flag raised at the Port of Algiers. The first Port to be captured in the North African Campaign

Printed cotton attached to canvas sleeve stamped with the maker’s mark. Also marked in end treated with Texaproof 23.06.48

The ensign has old wear, consisting of fraying along the trailing edge, two probable bullet holes and smoke staining

It comes with a brass plaque stating; This White Ensign was hoisted at 0730am , November 9th 1942 at Algiers. It was the first Allied Flag to be flown in North Africa, also the first flag and

white ensign to be flown in Algiers, which was the first Port to be captured in the North African Campaign.

Provenance :

Recovered from beachhead and taken to HMS Mercury, a Portsmouth Shore Establishment, deposited with the Royal Navy Trophy Store , item number P5963 Tom Ferrers Walker Collector 1970s. Loaned to the Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth 1983. Dispersed to us in 2010 as part of a huge RN collection.

The other flag we had, from this collection, was ‘ The first flag raised in the Italian Campaign ‘ which we donated to our favourite museum in Malta , The Lascarus War – Rooms where it sits pride of place

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