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HMS Ceres Badge 1917 Cruiser. She was the name ship of the Ceres group of the C-class of cruisers. She was laid down on 26 April 1916, launched 24 March 1917 and commissioned into the navy on 1 June 1917. In 1918 Ceres joined the 6th Light Cruiser Squadron and was assigned to operate in the Mediterranean as part of the 3rd Cruiser Squadron. During 1920 was operating in the Black Sea. In 1927 Ceres returned to the UK for deployment with the Home Fleet. During 1929-1931 she was refitted and placed in reserve, but reactivated in 1932 to join the Mediterranean Fleet. In November Ceres was again reduced to the reserve.

Aluminium 21cm x 17cm 5.5in x 5.5in 700g

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