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HMS Ceylon (C30) was a Ceylon (modified Crown Colony) class cruiser of the British Royal Navy, named for the island of Ceylon — now Sri Lanka — which was a British possession when she was built.

Built by Stephens at Govan and launched on 30 July 1942, she was completed on 13 July 1943. After 2 months in the Home Fleet she was transferred to the Eastern Fleet and took part in many carrier raids, bombardments and patrols against Japanese-held territory until October 1945 when she returned to the UK for refit and lay-up.

Ceylon was re-commissioned in March 1950 for the 4th Cruiser Squadron East Indies and was actively engaged in the Korean War, carrying out a number of bombardments. She was paid off at Portsmouth in October 1954 for re-construction. Between 1956 and 1959 she served in the Mediterranean, Home Fleet and East of Suez.

On 18 December 1959, she returned to Portsmouth and on 9 February 1960 was transferred to the Peruvian Navy and re-named Coronel Bolognesi. She was deleted from the Navy List in 1980.


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