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HMS Dunkirk Tampion. Badge from one of the tompions used onboard, mounted on the guns.
HMS Dunkirk (D09) was a later or 1943 Battle-class fleet destroyer of the British Royal Navy (RN). She was named after the dramatic, and at times, tragic and heroic Evacuation from Dunkirk between late May and early June 1940, in which over 300,000 British, as-well as French troops, were rescued by a ragtag fleet of ships. Dunkirk was built by Alexander Stephens & Sons Shipbuilders of Govan. She was launched on 27 August 1945 and commissioned on 27 November 1946.

In the year of her commissioning, Dunkirk joined the 4th Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet. In 1950, Dunkirk was placed in Reserve, just many of her sister-ships in the 1950s. She subsequently performed a variety of duties and in 1958, while in the Mediterranean, Dunkirk, in broard daylight, collided with her sister-ship Jutland during naval manoevres off Malta, causing minor damage.

In 1961, Dunkirk, along with the cruiser Lion and the frigate Leopard, undertook a tour of the South American continent. Instead of returning home to the UK from the deployment's culmination Dunkirk deployed to the Mediterranean where Broardsword, a Weapon-class destroyer, and of the 7th Destroyer Squadron, which was based in the Mediterranean, had experienced some engine problems and therefore had to be replaced. Dunkirk finally returned home in 1963. Just two years later, Dunkirk was scrapped at Faslane.
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