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Hms Frobisher Bronze Badge Chatham Pattern – B

After commissioning in September 1924 HMS Frobisher served with the Mediterranean Fleet as flagship to the 1st Cruiser Squadron, with a temporary detachment to the China Station in 1926.
In March 1942 HMS Frobisher joined the 4th Cruiser Squadron of the Eastern Fleet which operated in the Indian Ocean. On May 15th, convoy WS-18 arrived in South Africa from the U.K. The convoy ran into a minefield off Cape Agulhas, laid by the German mercantile minelayer Doggerbank on April 17th, which resulted in the sinking of the British merchant Soudan and damage to the destroyer depot ship HMS Hecla which was with the convoy. The convoy was enroute to Burma via India and consisted of 17 ships of which Frobisher was the escort.

In March 1944 Frobisher returned to the U.K. On June 6th the cruiser was a member of Gunfire Bombardment Support Force D under Rear Admiral Patterson. This force was allocated to “Sword” in the D-Day landings.  She was sold for scrap on 26 March 194 and on 11 May 1949 Frobisher arrived at Newport to be broken up for scrap by Cashmore.

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