HMS Helmsdale Honours Board

Type Frigate Displacement 1370 BRT Length 301 feet Complement 140 men Armament Original design; 2 x 4inch guns (2×1) 10 x 20m guns (2×2,6×1) Max speed 20 knots Engines 2 shaft Reciprocating (4 cyl. V.T.E.)
Frigates built for service during world war two, were laid down from 1941 to 1943, being completed between 1942 and 1944,  These frigates were designed for use as Ocean Going escort Frigates with with anti submarine capabilities. Being better suited for the job than the “Flower Class Corvettes” Frigate classes were River Class,  built in Britain, Canada and Australia and Loch Class, Bay Class, Captain Class.

Honours board for HMS Helmsdale.

approx 30″ long X 24″ tall

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