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Gorgeous old teak gratings reclaimed and reconditioned from one of the Royal Navy’s most esteemed ships, HMS Hermes (R12).

These were used as anti-slip flooring in several areas of the ships. Constructed of beautiful old Burmese teak by British craftsmen during the swansong period of British ship-building in the ’50’s. Customers use these gratings in a whole range of ways from presenting floor standing antiques to shower drying off areas.

These items are exclusive to Trinity Marine, as we were the only company that was allowed onboard to salvage significant quantities of artefacts from the Hermes in the same way as we were with other RN carriers we were appointed to, such as; HMS Ark Royal and HMS Vengeance, as well as other ships of the Royal Navy, HMS Cornwall, Plymouth, LLandaff, Fearless to name just a few

Along with the teak you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany your investment. Keep that safe as the value of this item will only go up in time

Other gratings, in an assortment of sizes, with no historical provenance are available, please ask

To read more about the “Happy H’ from Her history to the story behind Her being broken up and our role in that, please click here

Dimensions :

Approx 54cm x 54cm.  21″ x 21″

Weight: 6kg

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