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Original ships badge from HMS Revenge, mounted on a wooden base

All Royal Navy badges being Unofficial until 1919.

HMS Revenge was the lead ship of the Revenge-class battleships built for the Royal Navy during World War I.

Although the class is often referred to as the Royal Sovereign class, official documents of 1914–1918 refer to it as the Revenge class.

HMS Revenge was commissioned in 1916, just before the Battle of Jutland. A long and distinguished serviced history , serving the Royal Navy through the Inter Wars and Second World War.

In May 1944, her main armament was removed to provide spare guns for the battleships HMS Ramillies and HMS Warspite, as well as monitors which were to be vital during the bombardment of the beaches of Normandy during Operation Overlord.

HMS Revenge spent the rest of the war as part of the stokers’ training establishment HMS Imperieuse.

Some of HMS Revenge’s gun turret rack and pinion gearing was reused in the 76-metre (249 ft) diameter Mark I radio telescope built at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, in the mid-1950s.

On 8 March 1948 she was placed on the disposal list, being sold for scrap four months later.

Dimensions :

Mount 8in Dia  Brass Badge 7.5in Dia

We have been the Worlds largest dealers in these original Royal Navy artefacts for over twenty years now, the bulk of our stock coming directly from invitation by the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard.

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