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HMS Talybont (L18)

Hunt Class Destroyer 1943-1961 J.Samuel White & Company Limited Shipbuilders & Engineers Cowes I of W Engine No 1919

1943 Parsons turbines built under license from The Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co Ltd

Ordered from JS Write, Cowes IoW on 22nd August 1940 under 1940 War Emergency Programme and laid down as Job No J6160 on 28th November 1941.

She was launched on 3rd February 1943 after delay due to bomb damage in the shipyard.  HMS Talybont completed refit after VJ Day and then joined the Mediterranean Fleet based in Malta.

During January 1947 she was badly damaged when she collided with a wreck at Haifa and repaired in Malta before returning to UK to Pay-off and reduce to Reserve status  at Portsmouth. The ship remained in Reserve until she was placed on the Disposal List in 1961 after use at Rosyth for Artificer training.

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Oval 22.5 x 15.5cm


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