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HMS Theseus was a Colossus-class light fleet aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy.

She was laid down in 1943 by Fairfield at Govan, and launched on 6 July 1944.

HMS Theseus was laid down to serve in the Second World War, but was not completed before peace was declared in 1945. She was utilised as a training vessel until the outbreak of the Korean War.

In 1950, with the beginning of the Korean War, HMS Theseus was deployed to Korea, commencing standard carrier operations. Her first operation involved suppressing enemy defences and communications at Chinnampo, among other locations. Her second operational patrol involved only Combat Air Patrols. Her third operational duty was as part of a Commonwealth Task Force.

HMS Theseus sailed with accompanying ships from Sasebo in Japan. The carrier’s aircraft launched successful air strikes on bridges, North Korean troops and other opportune targets, mainly concentrating on the Chinnampo area, resulting in extreme chaos and heavy damage.

White Bronze on a wooden mount.


6in dia 15cm badge

7.75in 19.5cm overall dia

2.5 kg weight

We have been the Worlds largest dealers in these original Royal Navy artefacts for over twenty years now, the bulk of our stock coming directly from invitation by the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard.

In a market full of souvenirs & fakes, we are are proud to present to you these, the ‘Real McCoy,’ in which to confidently invest, and wholeheartedly enjoy.

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