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We recently came across another big bunch of these incredible tank persicopes which has, in turn, brought the average cost price down, allowing us to sell these at approx 1% of their original price

Who buys these? people who want an incredible optical experience for at a very low price, a ‘tank commanders’ view of the countryside/coast whilst not having to take the Shiny Set in and outdoors all the time.

Yes they are heavy, but you leave them outside or if your brave, mount them in the roof of your man-cave. At home i have a set that is sat on a wall. I pity the fool who trys to steal them…

They have an incredible field of vision, not super far – but far and super wide!

These date from 1980 – 1990 and were taken out in 2005 when the Warrior class tanks were upgraded.


23in height 14in width 20in depth.

Approx weight 49kg

We would send these on a small pallet which would cost from £38 + vat to £60 + vat to most postcodes in the UK

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