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Industrial Ships Suez Canal Search Light

Original condition – Unpolished.

Made by Shonan , Japan 1992

220v 3000w SSC50

These impressive industrial searchlights are ‘big bang for the buck’ industrial lighting and part of our range of weathered and heavily-used searchlights intended for decor and static display. As opposed to our best Suez Canal lights where we look for perfection and almost sculptural quality, these lights are specifically chosen for their immense character.

Due to the fact that we export these all over the World to all varieties of projects & themes, we do not supply the searchlights wired and ready, we prefer to sell them at a low price, confident that our customers have very little trouble or expense getting these lights going the way they want them too.

They come complete with their original ships light fittings. Most of which are intact and could be easily re-furbished to adorn the original bulbs, but the original bulbs are very expensive. A much more affordable way is to mount your own choice light fitting onto the bracket that holds the original fitting. Remember, these are ships lights that are designed to be as serviceable as they are functional and therefore very accessible and easy to tinker with. Also, the mirrors do a good deal of the work when it comes to providing light so even a small light source has a big effect.


29in widest x 26in depth x 38in height



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