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Now available, having been in private hands since the black and white photograph was taken

An impressive and large Nelson, excellent in structure and stature, depicting Nelson with the loss of his arm and eye

Slight damage to the left hand thumb , but overall a superb feature carving from the best

Jack Whitehead’s woodcarving career began by accident. When, in 1944, he was working as an aircraft rigger during the Second World War, he almost lost his right hand. Doctors suggested that he would need extensive physiotherapy to build up the muscles, and carving was found to be the ideal solution. Woodhead discovered a natural talent for it. Over the course of the next half-century he developed and refined the almost lost art of traditional ship carving and, with his colleague Norman Gaches, was one of the first modern-day British carvers to re-establish the carving of ship’s figureheads.

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