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A Nelson Society reproduction of Queen Mary’s Nelson death mask

This one is number 100 of only 350 made

Mounted on an oak plinth and with a plaque beneath

The mask comes with a copy of ” The Nelson Masks ” the Nelson Society September 1993

Dimensions : 

30cm 12in height x 17.5cm 7in width

History from The Royal Navy Museum Portsmouth

There are three Nelson masks in existence:

The Queen Mary mask was found by Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, in an antique shop on the Isle of Wight. It shows Nelson with his eyes closed. It is held at Portsmouth Museum.

The Nelson-Weekes mask is owned by the Weekes family, who are descendants of Nelson’s daughter Horatia. It is also held at the Museum.

The Nelson-Ward mask shows Nelson with his eyes open and is held at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

The Queen Mary mask is thought to be the most life like since Nelson’s eyes are closed. This indicates that it was an original mould of Nelson’s face, that was taken in Vienna on his way home from the Mediterranean in 1800. The Nelson-Ward mask has the eyes open and is a version touched up in the studio shortly afterwards. This would make it not so accurate as the other one. The Nelson-Weekes mask was a cast from a marble bust.

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