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Ejector seat No4 .. A real talking piece for the guy who has everything.

Outstandingly restored Canberra Bomber ejection seat.

The English Electric Canberra was a first-generation jet powered light bomber. The Canbera could fly at a higher altitude than any other bomber through the 1950s and set a world altitude record in 1957 making it the perfect tactical nuclear strikke aircraft.

As well as being a tactical nuclear strike aircraft, the Canberra proved to be highly adaptable, serving in varied roles such as tactical bombing and photographic and electronic reconnaissance. Canberras served in the Vietnam War, the Falklands War, the Indo-Pakistani Wars, and numerous African conflicts. In several wars, both of the opposing forces had Canberras in their air forces. The Canberra was retired from the RAF in 2006, 57 years after its first flight.

Red leather upholstery.


Height 58in 147.5cm x Width 22in 56cm Depth 42in 107cm

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