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Ocean Liner Reclaimed Teak Ships Decking

‘Burma Gold’! Reclaimed teak ships decking, carefully stripped from an Ocean Liner and made available for special projects

The highest grade of teak has always been reserved for shipbuilders, after all ‘plantation teak’, the teak that you see garden furniture made out of, is simply not good enough to survive life at sea. It is extremely rare to find teak of this exceptional quality these days, the planks are cut from lumber from large, aged trees and consequently a much higher oil content, not to mention the beautiful golden swirls that only get with the old

Get it while you can…

This tonnage is the last large quantity that we expect to find. I can’t think of another large old Liner that has teak decking to salvage from, and all those built these days have plastic decking

Please note : We do NOT ship any samples or lengths of this decking outside of the UK 

Plank Dimensions :

Volume approximately 1500 square metres available, including the shuffleboard games!

Bolt holes every 60-85cm approximately can vary with two sizes of hole amongst current stock, approximately 5″ width x 1.25″ thickness

Viewing recommended to see the quality and to see what it entails

Price: We sell by weight for £4.25 + vat per kg, please contact us 

Sample length ranging 20cm – 30cm £30 plus shipping , Refundable when a large quantity is ordered

Only 1 sample per customer 

We ship all over the world, for a freight quote please contact us with your delivery details 

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