£276.00 £230.00 ex vat

Coveted, and now converted, our famous range of tube lights that we salvage & re-furbish directly from the ships are now available pre-installed with Phillips LED tubes.

Trade & Film companies please note these are still available unconverted if you prefer them like that.

Quantities available will most probably be larger than what is appearing on our website, please enquire if you want more than what is showing or if you would like to stock them.

German made Aqua Signal, 220v IP 65, 2 x 20w explosion proof industrial ships fluorescent tube light.

As with all original , ships salvaged lights, slight variations may occur.

Suitable for home and retail environments, superb quality.


38in Length 3ft x 6.5in Widest  x 9in Height/ Depth

Approx 13kg weight

Please contact us if you would like a quantity of these for a design project.

Customers outside the EU are reminded that no Vat is payable.

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