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HMS King George V was the lead ship of her class of four dreadnought battleships built in early 1910

Built by HM Dockyard, Portsmouth

After the war, King George V became flagship of the Home Fleet and then of the Reserve Fleet before she was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet in late 1920

HMS King George V evacuated refugees during the Great fire of Smyrna in 1922

HMS King George V was sold to the Alloa Ship breaking Company and arrived at Rosyth in 1927 to be broken up

Dimensions :

17in 43cm  Diameter x 2.5in 6.5cm Depth including the 3 screw fixings on the back

est 8kg

History :

Battle of Jutland
In an attempt to lure out and destroy a portion of the Grand Fleet, the High Seas Fleet, composed of sixteen dreadnoughts, six pre-dreadnoughts and supporting ships, departed the Jade Bight early on the morning of 31 May. The fleet sailed in concert with Hipper’s five battlecruisers. Room 40 had intercepted and decrypted German radio traffic containing plans of the operation. In response the Admiralty ordered the Grand Fleet, totalling some 28 dreadnoughts and 9 battlecruisers, to sortie the night before to cut off and destroy the High Seas Fleet.

On 31 May, King George V, under the command of Captain Frederick Field, was the lead ship of the battle line after deployment. She fired two salvoes for a total of nine common pointed, capped shells at the battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger about 19:17 but had to turn away at 19:22 to avoid an attack by destroyers and then had to turn to avoid the ships of the 1st Light Cruiser and 2nd Cruiser Squadrons. That was the only time that the ship fired her guns during the battle.

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