HMS Hawkins was a Hawkins-Class Heavy Cruiser.

Unofficial as the badge pre dates the standardisation of all Royal Navy badges that came into effect in 1919

Built at Chatham Dockyard and launched on 1 October 1917, commissioned 1919. HMS Hawkins became the name ship of her class.

HMS Hawkins became the flagship of the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron on the China Station. She spent less than a decade in active service before being paid off at Chatham to undergo a refit.

Recommissioned in 1929, and became the flagship of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron as part of the Atlantic Fleet. During WW2 in 1941, HMS Hawkins was active off the East coast of Africa, supporting the British reconquest of British Somaliland and subsequent pushes into Italian Somaliland from Kenya as part of Force T of the East Indies Fleet. She also captured a number of Italian and German merchant ships attempting to escape the fall of the former Italian territory, including Savoia.

Dimensions :

Overall 6.5in  16.5cm   Badge  5.5in  14cm

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