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Original Super-Tanker Ships Window Coffee Table – Small

Other sizes available , please ask us..

Provenance, style & substance, it’s not often that an up-cycled object looks so ‘meant to be’, these wonderful tables join the porthole mirrors as part of a range we are so proud of.

A genuine ships window that our team salvages from old ocean going ships, re-conditioned and presented on our own brand of legs to form of a stylish and practical side-table.

Marine toughened glass, a higher grade than what goes into normal manufactured tables. Removable cast legs for shipping & stowage. Cast aluminium components and therefore light enough to easily pick-up and move around, unlike some of there brass counter-parts!

No reproduction ships window can replicate the character and impact of the genuine article. Our exclusive new range of up-cycled aluminium ships portholes and windows, salvaged from old ships at the infamous ship-breakers are perfect examples of that.

Professionally stripped, polished and converted into elegant, practical pieces.
Best of all, whilst I can still find these windows at the ship-breakers and am able to replace this stock, we can keep this range at extremely affordable prices, to counteract reproduction and ‘throw-away decor’.
With such a large variety of sizes onboard these ships and with such large quantities available to us we are able to supply this range in large commercial runs and even bespoke where necessary.


72cm Length 28.25in

52cm Width 20.5in

44cm Height 17.5in

16kg Weight

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