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Prisoner of War Straw Box

Straw box, beautifully inlaid made by French Prisoners of War, held in Britain during the Napoleonic Wars

This extremely detailed and craft box would have come from the 19th century when prisoners of the Napoleonic War were gaoled in England. This has detailing far above any example we have seen before. Foreign prisoners would make interesting objects as well as models of their vessels and exchange them with the guards for better rations or concessions

There isnt an area of this box that isnt detailed , the top has a farming scene , the inside lid a ship sailing away from home and the inside base has a floral picture. The bottom of the box is patterned . All sides and picture edges are covered with inlay

The outside of the box has dulled slightly, but the interior is very colorful and vibrant. It is in a remarkable state of original preservation given its age and the fragile material from which it is constructed. A beautiful example of what is know as sailor art



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