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As seen in the photos, a set of four drop tanks in their original storage casing.

RAF Tornado Drop Tanks – 2250 Litre

Original salvaged RAF Tornado drop tanks in original condition .. although empty !

As the drop tank ( belly tank , wing tank ) is made from aluminium it is easily fabricated.

Looking in to what to do with these very large and unique tanks , we have been inspired and amazed in equal measures by the talent and frankly brilliant brains of designers who have turned these would be scrap into pieces of useable statement pieces.

In a world where everything is throwaway , what better than to reuse and re create your own piece of outstanding furniture.

So far we have seen these turned into sofas, boardroom & dining tables , a spiral staircase, a helter skelter and the uttely beautiful pommel horse !

Each drop tank dimensions : not including casing

please contact us if you need the overall casing dimensions.

Approx : Length 6.7m

Diameter 85cm

Weight 200kg

Please contact us for delivery options and any other information you may require.

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