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The RMS Olympic was the sister ship to the ill fated RMS Titanic , who also had this exact style of chair on board in her second class dining saloon.

Original, extremely rare RMS Olympic second class dining saloon chairs have survived over a 100 years. With its iron base that was secured so that the chair did not topple or slide with the oceans movements.

The chair still have the original number on the back of the moulded back rest.

In 1908 the White Star Line officially placed an order with Harland and Wolf to construct two new liners, larger than any liners yet in existence. These two ships were to be built side by side on massive newly built slipways, measuring 840ft by 270ft wide and up to 228ft high.

These two ‘sister ships’ were to be called Olympic and Titanic, and were later to be joined by a third sister ship, Britannic.


83cm  32.5in Height

55cm  21.5in widest

44cm  17.5in seat height

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