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Engraved Regent Wren 1950

A motorised tanker, built in 1950 by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd, Bristol

The bell is stamped on the top John Roby Ltd , Rainhill. John Roby Ltd were brass founder’s making bell and portholes

Regent Wren operated the Severn, and was present when the BP Explorer capsized in 1961

Part of the Texaco Group. In 1947, Texaco merged its British operation with Trinidad Leaseholds under the name Regent; it gained full control of Regent in 1956. The Regent brand remained in use until 1968-9

Renamed in 1971 to Contractor and again in 1984 to Taffgarth

A great sized mounted bell with clanger , for home or club house

Dimensions :

Bell : 22cm 8.5in height

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