£480.00 (inc. VAT)

Non Issue RN Rope Ladders – 11.75m

The finest of British ships rope ladders, part of a large lot of  Type 42 spares that have been released and that we recently acquired
They’d last you and your kids a lifetime at home, or they’ll give a sailor a chance to own safety kit that’s the best of its kind, at sensible money

These are our very best rope ladders, If you would like second-hand or rough n ready for decor, please contact us and we’ll have a look around or check our ‘Stock’ Flickr album for items of the same theme.

Each ladder has 32 steps with a plank width of 55cm

Please contact us for a shipping quote for these ladders , we will send on a half pallet

We ship all over the Globe , if you would like a shipping quote , please contact us with your delivery address

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