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HMS Phoebe was a Dido-Class Light Cruiser

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Govan, Scotland

On 23 October 1942, HMS Phoebe was torpedoed by the German submarine U-161 off the Congo Estuary, while on passage to French Equatorial Africa. Her route was from Simonstown in South Africa to Freetown Sierra Leone, but the ship had to refuel at Pointe Noire. Two U-boats U-161 and U-126, were patrolling that area at the time.

After the hit, a corvette coming up from the harbour prevented the U-boat from finishing off the cruiser.

After VJ-Day, HMS Phoebe returned home for refitting and spent five years in the peacetime Mediterranean Fleet.

In early 1948 the cruiser took elements of Royal Marines 40 Commando to Haifa, to assist in the British withdrawal from Mandate Palestine.

After a period in reserve HMS Phoebe was sold for scrap in 1956

Dimensions :

7 in  17.6 cm Height

5.5 in    14 cm Width

1.7 kg weight

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