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Stud-Link chain, an iconic marine design, patented nearly 200 years ago, unchanged and in use on ships ever since.

Until Naval Lieutenant Samuel Brown and his cousin Samuel Lenox invented anchor chain at the turn of the 19th century, ships used hemp rope which often broke obvious sorts of mayhem, and it was even causing illness and death in hot climates due to fumes given off when it was contaminated and wet.

Philip Thomas, Foreman of the ‘chain-shop’ at Brown Lenox invented the addition of the stud in 1819 making the chain even stronger, perfecting the design, and for the next 100 years this famous firm in Pontypridd were making all the chain for the Royal Navy, most of the great ocean liners and even the Great Eastern, you know? the chain in THAT photo of I.K Brunel!

So, we at TM are ‘tipping our cap’ to this impeccable design this year by presenting single links of 6 inch stud-link chain salvaged from the most special anchor chain in the World, bronze Royal Navy Mine-Sweeper chain.

All of the the anchors, chain, and deck fittings onboard a mine-sweeper have to be non-magnetic to avoid setting off the mines hence they are all cast from phosphor bronze, a variant of bronze that has a beautiful ‘old gold’ tone to the metal, and when professionally polished and lacquered these links look like mini golden sculptures. It seems a shame to have sacrificed one link to achieve one link, but the results were well worth it as we are sure you will agree.


15.5cm 6in 9.5cm 3.75in


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