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A beautifully presented pair of stylised nautical dolphins set loose on a wooden mount

These have been salvaged from a disused Royal Navy steam pinnace

As a ship’s boat, the pinnace is a light boat, propelled by oars or sails, carried aboard merchant and war vessels in the Age of Sail to serve as a tender

With the introduction of steam propulsion came the steam pinnace. Coal burning warships were particularly vulnerable when at anchor, immobile until they could get a head of steam. Steam pinnaces were designed to be small enough to be carried by the capital ships they were allocated to and in addition to other duties were armed to act as picket boats.

A superb statement and collectable piece of nautical history.

Dimensions :

26.5 in   67.25cm length

5.5in   14cm widest

17.5in 44.5 cm height

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