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4 inch armament gun tampion

HMS Scimitar was an S-class destroyer serving in WW1 and WW2

Built by Clydebank 

Unofficial as the badge pre dates the standardisation of all Royal Navy badges that came into effect in 1919 . After 1919 the badges and tampion’s were standardised and all the same pattern, prior to this a ship could have a variety of different badges at any one time

The S class, initially known as the Modified Trenchant class, was a class of 67 destroyers ordered for the Royal Navy in 1917. They saw active service in the last months of the First World War and in the Russian and Irish Civil Wars during the early 1920s. Most were relegated to the reserve by the mid-1920s and subsequently scrapped under the terms of the London Naval Treaty. Eleven survivors saw much action during the Second World War, one of these being HMS Scimitar

In May 1940 HMS Scimitar was transferred to Dover Command to assist in evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk

Sold in 1947 and broken up by Ward, Briton Ferry

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