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HMS Champion was a C Class Light Cruiser – Calliope group

Original 6 inch armament gun tampion

Built by Hawthorn Leslie and Company

HMS Champion fought in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May-1 June 1916, during which she also was the flagship of D Commodore, the senior commander of the fleet’s destroyers

In 1925, Champion was recommissioned to serve as Gunnery Firing Ship. She was attached to the Signal School in 1928, and was used as a testbed for the Royal Navy’s first remote-power-control gunnery systems that year

HMS Champion was sold in 1934 to Metal Industries of Rosyth, Scotland, for scrapping

Unofficial as the badge pre dates the standardisation of all Royal Navy badges that came into effect in 1919 . After 1919 the badges and tampion’s were standardised and all the same pattern, prior to this a ship could have a variety of different badges at any one time

A decorative and collectable piece of Royal Navy history

Dimensions :

Badge 7in 18cm diameter

Weight 3.4kg



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