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HMS Renown Battle Cruiser

A long and distinguished Naval history , HMS Renown was built by Fairfield , Govan

Designed on the whole by the first Sea Lord , Admiral Lord Fisher

Serving in both World Wars , she saw more action in WW 2

” During WWll, HMS Renown was involved in the search for the Admiral Graf Spee in 1939, participated in the Norwegian Campaign April–June 1940 and the search for the German battleship Bismarck in 1941. “

In 1948 HMS Renown was towed to Faslane for scrapping, being the last of Admiral Lord Fisher’s battlecruisers to be scrapped

Unofficial , as this badge pre dates the Admiralty standardisation of Royal Navy badges in 1919

Dimensions :

Wooden mount 7.5in diameter

Badge 5in diameter

We have been the Worlds largest dealers in these original Royal Navy artefacts for over twenty years now, the bulk of our stock coming directly from invitation by the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard.

In a market full of souvenirs & fakes, we are are proud to present to you these, the ‘Real McCoy,’ in which to confidently invest, and wholeheartedly enjoy.








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