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Original ships badge from HMS Royal Sovereign

HMS Royal Sovereign was a Revenge-class , also known as Royal Sovereign and R-class

Built by HM Dockyard Portsmouth

WW1 – In 1918 HMS Royal Sovereign served with Grand Fleet after the High Seas Fleet sortied again to attack British convoys to Norway. This was the last time HMS Royal Sovereign and the rest of the Grand Fleet would go to sea for the remainder of the war. On 21 November 1918, following the Armistice, the entire Grand Fleet left port to escort the surrendered German fleet into internment at Scapa Flow

WW2 – In March 1942, the code-breakers at Bletchley Park, informed Admiral Somerville that the Japanese were planning a raid into the Indian Ocean to attack Colombo and Trincomalee and destroy his fleet. He therefore divided his fleet into two groups: Force A, which consisted of the two fleet carriers, HMS Warspite and four cruisers, and Force B, centred on HMS Royal Sovereign and her sisters and the carrier HMS Hermes

Unofficial as the badge pre dates the standardisation of all Royal Navy badges that came into effect in 1919 . After 1919 the badges and tampion’s were standardised and all the same pattern, prior to this a ship could have a variety of different badges at any one time

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