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The original ships helm from HMS Cossack , a C Class destroyer launched on 10 May 1944

Built by Vickers Armstrong

HMS Cossack became leader of the 8th Destroyer Squadron in 1945, remaining leader of the Flotilla until 1956

HMS Cossack saw action at the Battle of Pusan Perimeter during the Korean War

Scrapped in Troon 1961

Collectable item , this was part of the infamous Ferrers Walker collection

Shown with Mr Ferrers Walker’s original collection label and with Portsmouth’s Museum stock label

This is a collection that took a lifetime and a tremendous amount of work and resourcefulness to assemble

The late Mr. Ferrers Walker had loaned Portsmouth museum his whole collection where unfortunately it remained in the museums storage rooms, unseen by the public

Accompanying Trinity Marine certificate of authenticity

Dimensions ;

92cm diameter

12kg weight

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