£125.00 (ex. VAT)

Ship’s Salvage Double Sided Passage Clock – Citizen

Out of Stock , please enquire if you are after similar

Reclaimed clocks from a Japanese Super Tanker

A real talking piece , originally hard wired into the ships mains, these have been adapted and now take a standard AAA battery in both sides

We have a couple of these available, all in used condition and with slight changes in the colour tones. Would look great repainted and wall mounted

The passageways on the largest supertankers in the world are so long these clocks were made so you didn’t have to walk 80m to find the time!

All in used condition , we will send the best out first

We have grade B ones for £100 + vat , contact us for these

Dimensions :

23cm depth from wall mount

18cm height x 15cm width

Weight: 2kg

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