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Siebe Gorman Triple Cylinder Diving Pump – Pearler

Anthony Pardoe Notes

Page 24 vol 2 Diving Helmets and Equipment Through The Ages

A Triple Cylinder single acting Pearler pattern pump which looks very similar to a double pump, but it has only one gauge and air outlet to support one diver. It is quite heavy – 5cwt.1qrt which is 588lbs. Much of the weight is in the wheels, which are the same as those used on the large double pump.

It is a simple design, with water cooled open cylinders compressing the air one way only, and with no top valve assembly it was easy to fix when miles from land without spares.

Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd is stamped into the centre con-rod bearing, and each bearing is numbered 1, 2 & 3. each cylinder and all parts are also well numbered. The uncomplicated interior has a strong steel frame and hefty crank shaft. The number 9409 is stamped into the brass reinforcing bar. Though not many of these are found in England, hundreds were sent to Australia for use in docks and harbours, but mainly in the pearl and sponge diving industry.

Trinity Marines Notes

A superb diving pump number 9404. Mahogany cased with brass edgings, covered gauge. Matching cylinder numbers.

6 spoke fly wheels and wooden sheathed iron handles.


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