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Alfred Holt and Company, trading as Blue Funnel Line, was a UK shipping company that was founded in 1866 and operated merchant ships for 122 years. It was one of the UK’s larger ship owning and operating companies, and as such had a significant role in the country’s overseas trade and in the First and Second World Wars.

A very large and heavy ships bell , with original clanger albeit a little rusty. Great character and original condition, it appears that the clanger was not used much so the small indentations on the surface of the bell would lead us to believe.

Dimensions : 

Height : 43cm 17in

Mouth : 52cm 21in

Weight : approx 55 – 60 kg


SS Cyclops  was built in 1948 by Scotts’ Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd at Greenock. She was built for the Ocean Steam Ship Co. In September 1955 after sailing from Liverpool for Kobe she was in collision with Henderson’s Prome south-west of Holyhead and had to return to the Mersey for repairs before continuing on her voyage ten days later.

During 1975 her radar was reinstalled on the funnel top when it was discovered that, with the scanner installed on the bridge, there was a large blindspot aft of the funnel. New ships were equipped with a radar mast but as this was expensive older ships had the radar reinstalled on the funnel.

In July 1975 she was renamed Automedon in order to release the name for a new tanker and in December of the same year she was transferred to Elder Dempster Lines retaining her name but being repainted in their colours. She was chartered to the Nigerian National Line during Jan-Mar 1977 and in August of the same year was broken up by W. H. Arnott Young & Co. at Dalmuir.

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