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SS Kenya Castle / SS Amerikanis Liner Brass Relief  –  Anchor

Original polished Push-Plates saved from the stunning 1st Class interiors of one of our favourite mid-century ships.

Dimensions : 7.5in 19cm x 3.5in 9cm

When SS Amerikanis, formerly the SS Kenya Castle, went to the ship-breakers 12 years ago we managed to acquire a significant proportion of her stunning interiors and within a few of years we had nigh on sold everything that we had salvaged to our crowd of Ocean Liner fans. These days, in the middle of a keen appreciation of mid-century design & style, we all sorely miss those time-less fittings and fixtures, and often remark how I would give all the money back to have all that stock back again

So it was with a move of a deep stack of stillages, during an exploratory dig into the shed, that I sighed with delight when we discovered a lovely quantity of these little gems

We sent some to our expert restorers to get the polishing just right, it was too tempting due to the lovely golden tone of the brass used in the friezes and reliefs onboard. Purists, though, are welcome to buy these in their original state, as seen in the photograph, that are available separately

**The SS Amerikanis, formerly the SS Kenya castle was one of the first ships that I pursued due to the fact that She was built by no less than Harland & Wolff. What started as a search for steam whistles and wheelhouse artefacts became our first exercise in rescuing incredible interiors

She was laid up in Eleusis Bay, Greece, and having bribed a tug captain and some skeleton crew I found myself onboard for a very good look around before Her departure for India, in fact, I was there the day when they fired up Her boilers and got Her quadruple expansion engine going for the first time in 12 years. She would take Herself off to India under Her own steam rather than suffer the indignity of a tow, they don’t make them like that anymore.

NB. the Kenya Castle Lamp is not for sale, sorry, its there to further articulate the style of this lovely Ship

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