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Original polished Push-Plates saved from the stunning 1st Class interiors of one of our favourite mid-century ships.

Dimensions : 7.5in 19cm x 3.5in 9cm

When SS Amerikanis, formerly the SS Kenya Castle, went to the ship-breakers 12 years ago we managed to acquire a significant proportion of her stunning interiors and within a few of years we had nigh on sold everything that we had salvaged to our crowd of Ocean Liner fans. These days, in the middle of a keen appreciation of mid-century design & style, we all sorely miss those time-less fittings and fixtures, and often remark how I would give all the money back to have all that stock back again

So it was with a move of a deep stack of stillages, during an exploratory dig into the shed, that I sighed with delight when we discovered a lovely quantity of these little gems

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