Impressive Suez Canal Searchlights salvaged from a Japanese Super tankers. 

86 pieces available, stock photos of some of the variations.

Due to the fact that we export these all over the World to all varieties of projects & themes, we do not supply the searchlights wired and ready, we prefer to sell them at a low price, confident that our customers have very little trouble or expense getting these lights going the way they want them too. 

Remember, these are ships lights that are designed to be as serviceable as they are functional and therefore very accessible and easy to tinker with. Also, the mirrors do a good deal of the work when it comes to providing light so even a small light source has a big effect.

Sample Dimensions:

89 dia x 77 deep x 118cm tall

Approx 55kg

Please contact us if you would like more information and for freight costs. Our customers outside the EU are reminded that no Vat is payable. We ship all over the Globe.

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