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Superb Bow Model of French Ship Courageux of 1783-93

This is a 1:48 scale model of the bow section of the French Leviathan Class 74 Gun ship Courageux

This has been modelled by S Seary from his own researches using plans and models at Greenwich Maritime Museum. He has carved the wooden hull and finished it as appropriate. The model has lined wooden decks throughout, cut away bowsprit, head rails , catheads, chain plates and bitts.

This class was based on the line of the French ship Courgageux captured by the Bellona in 1761. The English architects lengthened the lines a little ans so they are know as the Leviathan Class which included some of the Worlds most famous ships to serve during the Napoleonic Wars. Carnatic , Colossus, Leviathan and Minotaur between the years of 1783 – 1793.

On the base of the mount is a plaque with the name and date of the ship.

A great feature for this model, is that it can be easily removed from its wooden stand and wall mounted if you prefer.

Overall Dimensions :

56cm x 48cm x 38cm

22in x 19in x 15in

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