Thomas Walkers Harpoon II Depth Finder – Original Box

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To find one of these is rare but to find it with it original box of issue is exceptionally rare.

One of his earliest inventions.

Circa late 1800s Serial number 5793

A 1905 advert featuring a Walkers Patent Harpoon Sounding Machine ( depth finder ) is featured on Pg 153 of the illustrated book Distance Run – The Story of the Patent Ships Log . 

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Greenwich Maritime Museum : The Harpoon sounding machine is a brass depth log that works by counting the revolutions of a rotor as the log is lowered to the seabed. There are two dials, one reading from 0 to 30 fathoms, the other from 0 to 150 fathoms. The rotor is free to rotate as the log is lowered, but when the line is drawn up again a locking piece drops down and holds it in place. The log has a piece of rope attached to it and is held in its original wooden box, which has a set of printed instructions inside the lid. Being able to determine the depth of water beneath a ship has always been vital in navigation. The lead and line was used for this until the invention of sounding machines like this one in the 19th century, and it was then superseded by echo sounding in the 20th century.

Perfect gift or collectable , a superb piece.

The finder is stamped with the Anchor emblem and TW.

Box Dimensions :

7.75 in 19.5cm Height

5.5in 14cm Depth

3in 7.5cm Width

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